Two Pines Expeditionary Research
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Our Team

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Nick anthony - Director of Strategy

Nick is a tech strategist and mountaineer. His background in the military and passion for mountaineering drives him to explore the limits of communication and hi-tech applications in extreme and remote environments. Nick coordinates the myriad relationships necessary to fulfill the mission.

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dave ohlson - Director of research

Dave is a physician board certified in Internal Medicine. Climbing, filmmaking and humanitarian pursuits have taken him from the South Pole to the jungles of South America to the top of Everest. His documentary, K2 Siren of the Himalayas has won awards across the globe. With a particular interest in high altitude physiology, he has conducted research during several expeditions. He contributes his medical research, climbing and filmmaking expertise to Two Pines.

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adam storck - Director of operations

Adam has spent the better part of his life chasing remote and extreme environments, both personally and professionally. With summits of Denali and Mont Blanc, an MBA from the University of Oxford, and work experience as an Army Officer, a backcountry leadership instructor, and a senior manager in an African tech startup, he brings a range of skills that will contribute to the success of Two Pines.

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elyse ping medvigy - Director of Program Management

Elyse graduated from the US Military Academy, West Point in 2012 and was the first female Artillery Officer in an all-male Infantry unit while deployed in Afghanistan. She became the first female active duty soldier to summit Mount Everest in 2016. She left the Army’s Special Operations Force in 2017 and recently graduated from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. In her free time Elyse has summited dozens of the world’s highest peaks. Two Pines benefits from her ability to keep people and projects on task and on time.

Photo: The team on Denali after a successful summit. Courtesy Dave Ohlson